Annual Servicing of Gyro compass and and certification

Gyro compass is a type of non-magnetic compass which is based on a fast-spinning disc and rotation of the Earth to automatically find the geographical direction. We have New and re-conditioned gyro compass in our stock. we have experienced engineers to perform Annual services and maintenance/repair on all the major brands and models Some of the brands are mentioned below.
Make: Anschutz Raytheon, Model: STD 14, STD20, STD22
Make: Yokogawa,Model: CMZ 500, CMZ700, CMZ900, CMZ 900D
Make: Tokiyo Keiki , Model:TG5000, TG 6000, TG8000
Make: Simrad, Model: GC 80, GC 85 ,RGC 50
Make: Sperry Marine, Model: MK37, NAVIGATE MK1/ MK2 Mod 7/Mod 10

Magnetic compass calibration and issuance of deviation card

We conduct Magnetic Compass services, swing, calibration and deviation services for the ocean going, coastal ships, yachts, speed boats etc., Our experienced compass adjusters can solve all the compass related issues on all types magnetic compass. After swing, calibration/adjustment and certification will be done along with Deviation curve and table (compass deviation card).

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